Welcome to HOMI!

I am so grateful that you took some of the precious time out of your day to visit my blog!
Maybe you’re wondering who the person behind Homo Millennialus is (If not, why are you reading this??).

Well, that’s me!

My name is Inge, I am a restless 22-year-old Dutch millennial trying to follow her passion of writing. After graduating from my bachelor’s in Neuroscience and Molecular Cell Biology, with a bit of Development Studies and Writing squished on top, I was done being in school. So I took a gap year and halfway through I decided to finally fulfill one of my lifelong dreams: A BLOG. Now at the end of that year, I’m finally ready to share it with you.

While it’s usually much better to stay specific, I unfortunately have countless thoughts in my head about innumerable topics. And I want to write about all of them. So Homo Millennialus will be my outlet, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading it. Science, bliss, gratefulness, mistakes, self-doubt, self-love, wonder, hope and a bit (sometimes a lot) of frustration will all come forward in the articles. Perhaps a strange list, but that’s what my chaotic mind is like..

I still won’t take myself too seriously though, that’s not really in my nature.

Anyway, I’m really excited to share my stories and if you are too, I hope you come back every week for one or two more!