I Love…


I love myself.

I’m great.    I’m pretty.    I’m smart.    I’m funny.    I’m attractive.    I’m wonderful.

I love myself.

There are two situations I want to share that exemplify why I feel the need to address this.

First is a memory from when I was 18 years old. Me and my friend were getting ready to go out and I was feeling good (cue Nina Simone). I had recently lost a bit of weight, got to wear a flattering outfit, and even smeared some makeup on my face after weeks of not wearing any. Mind you, I was backpacking at the moment, so anything clean and presentable already made me feel great.

It’s pretty clear, I was feeling myself.

Thus obviously, the moment I saw myself in the mirror I had to verbalize that thought. Multiple times. My friend then very seriously told me that I was sounding way too vain and that I should really shut it down.

Situation two occurred when I wrote one of my recent articles: Dedication & Discipline. In this article I boasted that I was good at something. And I kid you not, I was actually second guessing the decision to put that in the article. Because what if people would find me too arrogant?

We need to praise those moments in which we truly love ourselves

Isn’t it absolutely RIDICULOUS that that thought even crossed my mind?! That it’s frowned upon when you look in the mirror and mention that you’re actually loving your appearance. At times it seems as if girls are only allowed to play the role of self-repulsive victim. WHY THE HELL can I not use my Instagram caption to state that I’m looking absolutely on fire today. WHY THE HELL should it feel inappropriate to agree with a compliment that is given to me. WHY THE HELL am I told to dim it down when I express self-love. As a society we constantly talk about needing to love ourselves but the moment we actually articulate that we do, we get shut down immediately.

Don’t get me wrong, very often I don’t feel great about myself. The very opposite. There’s so many flaws I can point out at any given day. Therefore it’s only more important that we praise those moments in which we truly love ourselves.

Quoting the wise philosopher Bella Thorne: “It’s OK to look in the mirror and like what you see. That doesn’t mean you’re ‘full of yourself’, it means you’re at peace with yourself.”

So to promote more self-love and hopefully motivate you to be okay with being at peace with yourself, I wrote a list of five things I find beautiful about me. And I hope you do the same, whether you write it, shout it, or just whisper it to yourself in the mirror.

My ILML (I Love Myself List):

  1. The colour of my eyes

Each day they look a bit different.

  1. My dimple

Hated it when I was younger, because it made me look cute. Now I wouldn’t know who I am without it.

  1. My booty

Needs no explanation.

  1. My lips

I don’t really know why, I just like them.

  1. My feet

Always finish with a weird one.. They’re small, they’re cute, I’m happy with them.

And just because the inside is often more important than the outside:

  1. My intelligence
  2. My humor
  3. My creativity
  4. I’m a good listener
  5. My open mind and willingness to learn

Yes, I can definitely still improve on these and many more personality traits, but that doesn’t mean I can already love them as they are right now.

Now you do the same! Write as many traits and features as you can think of and share them with me.

I love myself and so should you. Both of us deserve it.


  1. Savannah says:

    Yay, go you! I admire you and your self-lovin! I think that is one of my biggest challenges, and I have always held myself back for expressing self-admiration because it’s so often seen as vain or arrogant. In reality, it’s something that we all need. If we don’t like ourselves and appreciate all that we accomplish and do, it’s a recipe for long-term disappointment. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Inge Corino says:

      Exactly! So happy you enjoyed my article. Hope you’re treating yourself to some self-love right now 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    I def needed these affirmations today! Its cold as heck and im getting past illness AND pms…. Its ok to feel like crap but I like knowing that its normal and that complimenting yourself helps everyone.

    1. Inge Corino says:

      Great to hear Kate! Life can be very shitty at times, but what an amazing person you are that you can push yourself through that. Hope you’ll feel better soon!

  3. […] Again, a typical one. I still wanted to add it however, because as you read in my blog saying goodbye to 2018, most aspects of my life are freaking great! And that’s largely because I’m kicking ass and working hard! I should therefore always keep on celebrating the amazingness that’s my life, and the amazingness that’s me. If you want to read more about self-love, I wrote an article  about it last year: here […]

  4. Helen says:

    Yes Yes Yes. This is great! Loving ourselves is so underrated but so incredibly important.
    I love: my hair, my sense of humor, my drawing skills, my ability to reflect, and my eyebrows
    Keep up the good work!

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