I’m Sorry

There’s a million things I could be apologizing for.

I’m sorry for sharing a different opinion than some people. I’m sorry for correcting my classmate, it seemed bossy. Sorry to my boss for making mistakes. Sorry I’m not always happy. Sorry to the two people who read my blog, for not uploading for the last weeks.

To everyone and especially myself: I’m sorry for not being perfect.

Now if you’re thinking jeez, those are some over the top apologies.. I completely agree.

But unfortunately, these are thoughts that DO constantly come up in my mind. And I think that if you take a second and relive your own memories, you too will suddenly remember a lot of similar moments.


While striving for no conflict is perfectly honorable, it just isn’t realistic.


Women (and some men) for some reason appear to always feel the need to remain agreeable and avoid conflict. The only way to do that is by apologizing as soon as possible when interactions seem to be going the opposite way. While striving for no conflict is perfectly honorable, it just isn’t realistic.

More than that, taking blame for every small thing has consequences. Think about how it positions you in a group of people? Or how it affects your own self-image? Even if it’s ever so slightly…

Maybe it’s just me, but I am completely done with the idea that we have to apologize for every little thing constantly!

So here’s 6 situations in which you should stop saying sorry:

1) Do not apologize for having an opinion

It’s scary to have an opinion. Especially if it’s different from others. But always know that you are a self-thinking human being that has the right to voice your thoughts. Just make sure you can support them adequately.

2) Do not apologize for being too loud (or too quiet)

As a girl, I always felt the pressure to not be too loud. You’ll attract too much attention and that’s not girly. But don’t be quiet either.. Else people will think you’re shy. You know what? Just be whatever you feel most comfortable with!

3) Do not apologize for doing a better job than someone

Stop trying to reduce the excellent job that you’ve done. You are smart, you are skilled and you did a kick ass job! The other person benefits much more from you sharing your knowledge than you apologizing.


4) Do not apologize for being proud of yourself

As I’ve said in a previous post: Love Yourself and be proud of what you are capable of. Let me tell you girl/boy/person, I know you worked your butt off to get here! Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

5) Do not apologize for not doing something perfect

Accept and acknowledge the mistakes you made, and use them to learn and improve. But never, NEVER feel sorry for not being perfect.

6) Do not apologize for being you

Doesn’t matter what people say, you are the only you. Better to be yourself and make life a bit more interesting, than trying to be someone else and live in a boring, bland world.


Sidenote: Not saying you should never apologize.. But try to only do it when you’ve actually (purposefully) caused harm to someone. Or just don’t cause harm to someone, and you’ll never have to apologize.. 😉

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