Vision Board for 2019

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Vision Board 2019

See here my vision board for 2019! A whole bunch of pictures that might say nothing to you but mean a lot to me. They represent my goals for the coming year, and will serve as much needed reminders every time I’ll get lost in the busyness of daily life.

Let me explain what all these represent as concrete and short as possible:


The one topic we probably all want to address in our yearly resolutions. Of course, I would love to get fitter, lose some weight, gain some muscle, and I am working on that by improving my diet and exercise routine.

My main priority however is taking my health seriously. Physically as well as mentally. Complacency can be extremely dangerous and above all just plain stupid. But the past years I ignored potential health issues and taught myself to just lower my expectations of feeling and functioning a 100%. Because if you ignore it, it’s not really happening right? Took me a few years, but now I realize that the time and energy I might lose trying to find a diagnosis and treatment is going to come back to me ten-fold in the end. I’ve already made an appointment with my GP, I am going to see an eye doctor and I’m determined to talk to a psychologist for the first time!

Self-Love and Appreciation

Again, a typical one. I still wanted to add it however, because as you read in my blog saying goodbye to 2018, most aspects of my life are freaking great! And that’s largely because I’m kicking ass and working hard! I should therefore always keep on celebrating the amazingness that’s my life, and the amazingness that’s me. If you want to read more about self-love, I wrote an article  about it last year: here


You might remember from my last blog, that I didn’t feel very great about my social life last year. It’s time to change that. Not just because I need nice Instagram pictures to prove to other people I have an amazing life, but because hanging out with friends actually has a positive effect on my health. My energy levels spike after seeing friends and talking to them always makes me feel better. So I’ll be pushing myself to message and meet up with my friends as much as I can.

Vision Board 2019


WRITING, so fucking important to me. Not only do I want to write for my blog, I also want to start long-term story projects and see if I can take first steps towards an actual career in writing.

Improving Homo Millennialus however definitely remains a priority. I want to improve the website, manage (first¬†create) its social media accounts, be pro-active in reaching out to fellow bloggers. Actually post regularly at scheduled times… All to hopefully see my blog grow over the following year.

Driving License

A more concrete goal than some others I mentioned here so I’ll keep it simple: I want to start driving lessons and get my driver license this year. Just need to wait until after I’ve been to the eye doctor unfortunately..


It’s been on my mind for years! And I keep refraining from actually doing it. Not this year. There are no excuses. I’m thinking of either applying to be a buddy to an elderly person or be a tutor for kids or refugees. Got an interesting opportunity for me? Let me know ūüôā

Sustainable Year

One of my major resolutions and thus also taking in a large chunk of my vision board. We all know how bad of a shape the world is in, and we all (albeit¬†often¬†turned a blind eye to) know that we aren’t helping to say the least. I want to slowly change that for myself. Last year, I already turned vegetarian and thought consciously about what animal products I would and wouldn’t buy. This year, I want to reduce my plastic consumption dramatically, in the end hopefully having figured out a way to shop almost completely plastic free. I also want to stop buying fast fashion clothes and take measures to stop micro plastics from escaping my laundry machine. Btw,¬†I¬†really¬†want¬†to¬†write¬†about¬†these¬†two¬†topics.¬†So¬†if¬†you¬†don’t¬†know¬†yet what¬†I’m¬†talking¬†about,¬†keep¬†an¬†eye¬†out¬†for¬†my¬†new¬†articles!

Vision Board 2019


I might not be moving to Toronto this year (as I found out last week), but that doesn’t mean that I can’t go in full on planning mode for 2020… And trust me when I say that in the next 12 months I’ll find the best internship (+job please) and the best apartment I can get in that metropolitan city!

Master Thesis

Not only do I need to look for an internship, I also have to find, start and (almost) finish my Master thesis this year. And since my Bachelor thesis was incredibly boring, I’m counting on finding something that I’m really going to enjoy. Preferably within the next few weeks..

Embrace Growth

The final aspect of my vision board. I find growth scary, painful and exhausting. Growth means constantly stepping out of your comfort zone, constantly being bad at something new, and a lot of falling on your ass. That just ain’t very comfy. But growth is a vital and constant part of life. So rather than shy away from it, I hope that this year I’ll try to embrace a bit more of those uncomfortable situations. Instead of being my regular perfectionist self, maybe I can actually try to enjoy the growth pains for once.

For the Critics

Yes, I know what you’re going to say. “Resolutions?” “Really?” Yes. The moment we write down or visualize our goals and ambitions we become more likely to reach them. This is a proven fact. My vision board is ambitious. But this blog is the first step in manifesting the year that I want, and it has gotten me incredibly excited to start working on it.

Who knows, maybe this even inspired you to better visualize your own goals…

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