How to Choose the Perfect Blog Name

Homo Millennialus, quite a strange name isn’t it?

A couple of weeks ago some of my friends brought it up to me that they didn’t fully understand the reasoning behind the name of my blog. I realized I indeed never explained to you guys how HOMI became to exist. And since I don’t have much time this week (sometimes I actually have other stuff to do for once), I thought this would be a perfect moment to talk about it.

The meaning is actually quite simple. I decided to separate my blog into two parts:

  1. A scientific blog in which I present scientific research to the general public in a way that’s hopefully easy to understand.
  2. A more personal blog in which I write about my experiences, thoughts, philosophies. Honestly, whatever my mind is up to that week.

The reason I chose these two is because I just wanted a space in which I could write about whatever I fancied. Since science is a big love of mine and I’m quite the self-reflecting person, this combination is absolutely ideal.

Therefore I wanted a name that would reflect these two parts. For the personal side, I used “Millennial”, since I’m (still barely) part of the millennial generation (born in early 1980s to mid 1990s). To be honest, also because internet culture seems to love the word Millennial..

To add a splash of science to the title I mixed “Millennial” with “Homo Sapiens”, the scientific Latin name for the modern human. Literally translated it means “wise man”, I mean… ME

Thus, behold the creation of Homo Millennialus, a sub-species of the modern man.

It’s the type of human that feels entitled to spread their opinions around the world, believing all their thoughts are valid and everyone should know about it. Fits me perfectly and I just love it!

I understand Homo Millennialus can be a long and complicated name, but I’m really happy with it. It grabs the attention and if necessary, we can always start calling it HOMI! Unfortunately the URL for HOMI was already taken, I checked..

Starting a blog and looking for advice? Just do whatever puts a smile on your face! Nothing else is more important.

Of course make sure the name is not taken yet..

Hope you Homi’s are having a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts 🙂


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